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Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Business: How NLP Can Help You Achieve Massive Growth

When most of us think about working our way to success, we consider what actions we need to take to reach our goals. What I have found to be true in my 8 years of entrepreneurship, building my own businesses, and working as a business coach is that what we believe is even more important than what we do. 

We can only ever create what we believe is possible for us. Here’s why. We can never consistently take the actions necessary to build a successful business if we don’t truly believe that our dream biz is possible for us to have. First comes the belief, then action, followed by results. The key to getting massive growth in your business is to change what you believe!

Mindset was the biggest hurdle for me in growing my own business. As a new business owner, I struggled with my beliefs around money, broke out in a sweat on sales calls, and was paralyzed with fear that I would fail. 

I felt so alone in my experience that it sparked a passion in me to learn everything I could about mindset and share it with others who may feel alone too. I have spent years learning everything I can about how to rewire our brains and overcome our fears.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is known as the language of the mind and it’s my favorite tool for quickly shifting my client’s mindset and what they believe is possible for them.

My favorite NLP technique is called TIME technique. It allows you to go directly to the source of your beliefs in your subconscious so you can change the beliefs that are holding you back. NLP uses actual science to go right to the source of your blocks to speed up the results and completely change your thought process and beliefs overnight. The stories you told yourself about why you can’t do something become a lesson in what you can do and motivation to move forward. Your inner critic gets an attitude adjustment and instead of talking yourself out of doing the things that will grow your business you start taking confident action.

As a bonus, all of your new positive thoughts work like a magnet to attract (manifest) other great things because you are now operating at a new frequency – the frequency of abundance.

This is why my clients have transformations like:

→ Going from thinking money is evil (and struggling to make money) to appreciating money (and having more of it).

→ Feeling safe enough to let go of perfectionism to have their best month in sales

→ Believing they are worthy of helping others and being booked out with sales calls

We all have stories that we tell ourselves based on beliefs that just no longer support what we want. If affirmations and telling your inner mean girl to shut up just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to see what getting the right support can do for you. Book your Money Mindset Breakthrough Session where I use NLP and Human Design to help you let go of the beliefs that are holding you back and write your new abundance story. 


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