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It’s time to let growing your business feel easy. 

In this 2-hour Money Mindset Breakthrough session, we will identify your beliefs about money that have been holding you back from reaching your money goals.  Then, I will to use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Human Design to remove any thoughts, fears, or beliefs that are stopping you from taking action so you can attract the abundance you deserve! 

Right Now You May Feel Like:

You make money, but you can’t seem to hold onto it

Your finances are like a roller coaster and you are looking for the safety of consistent income

You are working your butt off, yet your income is at a plateau and you are ready for more

ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? You’re definitely not alone. These are all common frustrations entrepreneurs feel when growing their businesses. And I can relate to ALL of these

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Your money story is created by your beliefs about money, and it’s keeping you stuck!

I always thought that I didn’t have a money story because I LOVE money! But, as hard as I worked, I always seemed to struggle to make enough money to feel safe. I knew something wasn’t making sense, so I began to dig into my beliefs about money. Your money story is what you believe to be true about money, earning money, or having money, and often stems from how worthy you feel about having money.

I actually never wanted to be an entrepreneur. From watching my Dad build his empire,  I believed that the trade-off of long hours and stress wasn’t worth it.  I had a belief that the only way to be deserving of money to was to work hard, and that the amount of work I did would equal the success I had. As you can imagine this led to a lot of disappointment and burnout. 

Not only had I decided that making money had to be hard, but years of penny-pinching and struggling had also wrecked my mindset. I always operated from a place of lack – worrying about making ends meet and stressing over what I didn’t have. Can you relate?

I don’t want that for you friend! That’s why I am so passionate about sharing this Money Mindset Breakthrough Session where I use NLP and Human Design to help you identify and release the beliefs that are no longer serving you. This is the support you need to stop feeling stuck and start making the kind of money you have been dreaming about.

Since my session, I have actually pulled the trigger on two projects in my business that I was not moving forward on due to fear and it feels great!! I have had two consultations since the session and I definitely feel that I understand my value and my worth. I believe more in myself and what I have to offer my potential clients. I definitely feel more confident in my abilities.

-Avista Holland

Why This Process Actually Works 

What I know to be true is that up-leveling your business requires you to uplevel your thoughts and beliefs to match the version of you who has the success you want. I believe the biggest barrier between where you are and where you want to be is your beliefs.

Some common beliefs about money that hold entrepreneurs back are:

Money is gross or evil
It’s wrong to want more than you need
Making money is hard
Money makes people bad

If you want to make more money to buy avocados without breaking a sweat, easily pay your mortgage, and create a beautiful life for your family it’s time to look at the beliefs that are sabotaging your success. NLP and Human Design are two of my favorite tools for quickly identifying and releasing the beliefs that are keeping you from creating your dream life. 

Human Design gives you a deeper understanding of who you are and the fears you have which often create your belief system. This new understanding of your unique blueprint will help you identify what is keeping you from taking the right actions in your business and have a new appreciation for how far you have come. 

NLP is a science-based technique that speaks directly to your unconscious mind to take you back to the root of your beliefs (not just a trigger) so that you can see this event in a whole new way. This happens by allowing you to get learnings that you can use to reframe your belief. This reframing is how you change your beliefs(immediately!), which changes your thoughts. These new abundant thoughts will have you taking the right actions to get results and raise your vibration so that you are manifesting exactly what you want. This is why my clients get HUGE results with so much ease. 

Letting go of your money story and creating a new abundance story allows you to show up in your business in new ways, operate at a new frequency that attracts money, and create the space for more of what you want. 

The only real block between the business you have and the business you want (that is patiently waiting) is you. And this is why this Breakthrough Session will be a huge turning point in your business.

My Money Mindset Breakthrough Session

A 2-hour ultra-personalized experience that’s going to uplevel your business, by removing the blocks that have been holding you back using Human Design and NLP for fast results.

Create the mindset you need to crush your money goals!

What You Get:

A pre-homework questionnaire to narrow in on your money story and limiting beliefs.

Manifest a new money goal by using NLP to lock it into your sub conscience.

A 2-Hour Breakthrough session to let go of any resistance towards making money that included a Human Design reading and NLP. 

Your recorded session, your Human Design Chart and journaling prompts to integrate and expand on your new empowering beliefs.  

Wynter Noel is a VA who was able to conquer her belief that she was never good enough and gain complete self-trust with just ONE breakthrough session.

These are some recent results my clients have experienced!

Releasing the fear of being perfect to show up imperfectly and take action to get new clients

Leaving a job behind to finally create the space necessary to take on dream clients

Releasing their identity to their old career so the new path becomes so crystal clear

 Letting go of the thought that making money has to be hard so that business gets to be easy

Attracting 3 new clients within 48 hours of their session

Having their most profitable launch yet

Tripling their monthly sales

Having their most profitable month yet while on vacation


Let’s add you to my success stories.

Your Investment

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, there is no better time than now! This session gives you the kind of break in your business that you have waiting for and the mindset you need to continue to succeed, again, and again. 

TOTAL INVESTMENT  2-hours   |  $487 Paid In Full

BONUS  – If you decide within 60-days of your session to continue to work together to create your Signature Marketing System™, a proven strategy for getting consistent clients, you can apply the cost of your breakthrough session to your 6-month coaching partnership!

Still not sure if this is the right move for you?

I get it! This whole energy and mindset stuff can be pretty overwhelming and you may not be sure if this is the right fit for you. I have spent YEARS studying the woo-woo AND the science behind rewiring your brain so you can create the life you want with more ease. I am happy to answer any questions you may have to make sure this is the right fit for you. 

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Mindset Breakthrough Session


I chose the Money Mindset Breakthrough Session because I know that mindset is extremely important as a business owner. It is important to be in the correct headspace to push through when you encounter obstacles as an entrepreneur. This is especially vital when it comes to money and I knew that I had a lot of hurdles regarding money and my mindset. I wanted to be able to move past those in order to build a thriving, profitable business.


My favorite part of the session was diving into the aspects of the human design chart. It was actually very enlightening and spot-on as far as my characteristics.

Since my session, I have actually pulled the trigger on two projects in my business that I was not moving forward on due to fear and it feels great!! I have had two consultations since the session and I definitely feel that I understand my value and my worth. I believe more in myself and what I have to offer my potential clients. I definitely feel more confident in my abilities.

I felt that the overall experience was wonderful and eye-opening. It was just what I needed especially at that moment.

– Avista Holland
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Jalynn Baker

I chose the Money Mindset Breakthrough Session I wanted to release the limiting beliefs that I had grown accustomed to maintaining and reshape my mentality around making money, deserving money, and feeling qualified to have a successful business.

I found Shana’s explanation of the different aspects of my Human Design chart to be most helpful–I had read through parts of it before, but I’m an auditory learner and just needed to hear it fully explained. I also really appreciated the time we took to practice NLP as a way to release past experiences and mindsets. 

 The simple instruction to be vocal and express what I am doing/planning to do was so obvious but also so groundbreaking for me. As an emotional manifestor, I tend to make decisions on my own and miss out on the community support and advice that I could’ve received in the process, if I had only invited people into what I was doing. Speaking up and voicing my needs often results in contacts/resources/assistance being offered, which results in more clients, more success, and more rest for me!

Since our session, I truly am building a healthier relationship with money and success. Before I started unpacking my money mindset in our session, these were concepts that were only meant for others to possess. Now, I am proceeding with quotes and client acquisition as though I really deserve to be compensated fully for my work. Rather than operating from a place where I feel inadequate and like my work has to be perfect to be full price, I have started to see my work is worth my client’s investment.

This breakthrough session is a great investment for someone who wants to grow and evolve into your best self, you first have to know what you’re starting with. If you’re looking to do the work of uprooting mentalities that aren’t serving you and your business, this session was made for you! I would highly recommend it to any entrepreneur who feels stuck and is ready to grow. 

– Jalynn Baker
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Rachel Wynn

I wanted to do a session with Shana because I had an incredibly limiting belief that “money is the root of all evil and if I earn good money in my business, I’m just another evil capitalist.” I’ve had a lot of negative feelings toward money, for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t understand the origin of this belief and knew it was 100% holding me back in my life.

I also don’t have confidence in my math skills and money management because I’ve lived close to paycheck to paycheck for a couple of decades, but now officially live paycheck to paycheck due to shifts in my client load

Finally, my mom is really frugal and I think that got passed down to me, but it evolved into a scarcity mindset issue because I tend to spend money quickly to get the feeling of security from going to the grocery store, having backup home products, etc. Whenever I have money, I just seem to spend it fast! Ultimately, Shana quickly identified that the root of all of this is related to a belief of “it’s not safe for me to have money.”

I loved the Time Technique activity we did! I have anxiety and my thoughts are always going 80mph, I tend to constantly be overthinking. It was so helpful to be guided to get grounded, close my eyes, and explore my “timeline” since the questions she asked needed to be answered as “first thought, best thought.” NLP feels like a shortcut that everybody should use. It’s like months of therapy rolled into a short session.

Since my breakthrough session with Shana, I finally signed up for Mint so I can better track and understand my spending. I also manually log all spending into a spreadsheet and give myself a high-five for “no spend days!”

I also more strategically priced my new offering with the knowledge that I can’t assume it’s a stretch for people to pay me money for something. I feel confident in my pricing and value, and now want to MAKE MORE MONEY so I can officially begin my investing journey. 

I feel empowered to make more money because it doesn’t mean I’m evil or selfish. Instead, the economic power can help stabilize my life and long-term goals, as well create change in my community when money is the primary solution/ask.

I’d recommend a Money Mindset Breakthrough session to anyone who is struggling with any kind of feeling toward money that is negative. If you have limiting beliefs, weird hangups, or fear about making money, you MUST book a session with Shana!

I can’t believe how quickly I was able to shift my belief in just one session, it’s truly shocking since negative thoughts about money are something I’ve been dealing with for my entire adult life. 

– Rachel Wynn
Feminist Founder

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