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How Human Design Changed Everything in My Business

I will be the first to admit that when I learned about Human Design I was super curious, but also overwhelmed. On the surface Human Design is simple, there are only 5 types – Reflector, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, and Projector. HD is also very complex, just like we are, which can seem overwhelming at first because gives you multiple layers to explore in your chart. When trying to digest anything new, it’s always best for me to pick out one takeaway and process that first before diving into more. In Human Design that one thing changed everything for me in life and business, and it was just the beginning!

In Human Design I am a Projector. One of the key factors of my type is that I don’t have an internal motor. This means that I have a limited supply of energy. It’s not a weakness, it just means I need to work differently from those that do have an internal motor, like Generators. Projectors struggle with being afraid they will be labeled as lazy if they rest, and often suffer from complete burnout by the time they are 40.

Imagine me reading this from my bed when I am mentally overwhelmed, exhausted no matter how much I sleep, and wanting to quit my own business. It was a comfort and a shock to see myself so clearly. It was also the permission and acceptance I needed to finally let go of doing things that didn’t support me and try something new.

It changed the way I worked.
I have always loved to dive deep into a project and finish it before I start something new but I tried to make myself work differently, because I thought that was wrong. Now I know that’s the right way to work for my type. I need to focus all of my energy in one place at a time to conserve it and get the best result. Time blocking and creating in bulk have increased my productivity without draining all of my mental energy.

It changed the way I looked at success and failure.
As a Projector, I a meant to guide others toward their highest potential, not do all of the work, but I definitely tried to do both. I am the director of the play, not the actor. Now when I think about building a 6-figure business with a baby on my hip I have so much gratitude for both the wins and the fails and I understand why working harder didn’t work. I wasn’t working with my Human Design strategy. I was stretching all of my energy by doing all the things, instead of concentrating my energy on my strengths to move my business forward. 

I think about my energy as my biggest asset.
In a culture that celebrates the hustle, it can be challenging to prioritize rest and see its value. Human Design was the thing that finally allowed me to do just that. I no longer feel like I need to make excuses to make rest part of my day. I know that when I show up for my clients I am completely focused and tuned in – that’s my magic. To do what I do I have to protect my energy by being aware of how much I give away while working on and in my business so I can balance it with the right amount of rest.

As a person who was brought up with a serious work ethic, I had a lot of patterns that were working against me by making me unhappy and actually pushing away my entrepreneurial goals. Human Design has taught me so much about how to grow a business with more ease by doing it in a way that aligns with my unique blueprint. It all started with that first dose of permission to do what felt right for me. That’s why I integrate HD into my coaching practice so that my clients can also experience the results that come with doing things your way. 

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