Growing Your Biz

The Most Common Block I
see with Entrepreneurs

One of my Voxer coaching clients sent me a message telling me she finally felt like she had figured out how to write social media posts, but she just could post the content she had written and she needed help.

I knew exactly what she meant and I was so glad that I could offer her the support she needed to push through. I see a lot of my clients who are great at checking tasks off their to-do lists until it’s gametime. They are amazing at preperation, but all of their fears show up when it’s time to execute.

Working on their business behind the scenes forming their services, defining their content, pulling together images, and setting up their systems and process is fun. They are confidently working towards the successful business they want. Then, when it’s time to start generating leads and marketing their services they freeze. This is often where many entrepreneurs fall behind and decide they need a better opt-in, a new certification, or more beta testers.

But why?

"The truth is, a perfect post, a podcast, or the most impressive website won't make or break your business."

Anytime we feel like we have a map, checklist, blueprint, or instruction book to get the result we want we attach each step with gusto. We believe in the steps we are taking and follow through without questioning if we will get the result we want. We know that we can make an amazing meal or put that new piece of IKEA furniture together. 

In business, we can have the same kind of confidence as we craft our content, work with a designer on our website, or define our marketing strategy. But I find that when it comes to posting the content, hitting publish on the website, and actually implementing the marketing strategy my clients often look for reasons to hit the breaks. 

I hear things like this website doesn’t really feel like me, I need to change the look of my Instagram, I just don’t have time to send out my pitch email……

But, what I am really hearing is, what if I fail?

What if this new website doesn’t get me any new clients, what if my posts don’t get any engagement, what if no one wants me to be a guest on their Podcast?

The truth is, a perfect post, a podcast, or the most impressive website won’t make or break your business. But, THINKING IT will most certainly put so much pressure on you that you will never be able to implement the strategies that will grow your biz. 

When you feel stuck and you see yourself avoiding the part where you actually execute your strategy ask yourself this, What am I making this mean?

This will help you put everything into perspective and calm your fears so that you can do what your business needs you to do so that you can grow. Because, I can promise you that what will actually make or break your business is showing up consistently.

If you need some help pushing through your block and executing the strategies that will help you build a sustainable business you can learn more about Voxer coaching here.

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