Building Your Brand

The Difference Between a Business & a Brand

What store do you LOVE to buy clothes from? The place where if you need an amazing new outfit last minute for a date or a function, you go there first.

Lot’s of places sell clothes. That’s their business, but consumers BUY from brands. The brands you love sell goods or services that align with your expectations of quality, value, style, and service. In exchange, you become repeat customers who support them with your money and your praise. As a fan, you don’t just continue to buy, but you share your love through social media and recommending that brand to your friends. You can even be a walking billboard by wearing your new dress and having people ask where you got it.

"what would it be like to have fans who love what you do, and they love you."

You may think, “well how does this help me if I have a small business”? Reflect on this. When you get ready to promote a course, product, or service, what would it be like to have 1,000 customers (fans) who are excited to hear and share your new offering because they love what you do, and they love you. They know your story, trust what you do, and want to support the growth of your business. 1,000 loyal customers are more valuable than 10,000 Instagram followers or an email list with 10,000 subscribers. Take your service or product cost and multiply that by 1000. I bet that would feel pretty good in your bank account!

Everyone wants to be a brand and not just a business, no matter how small your business is, but how do you build your brand?

Be consistent. Build brand trust by showing up on your social media and update your newsletter list regularly. Make sure the quality of your product, services, and communication with your clients are consistent.

Be a co-creator. Let people feel like they are a part of your brand and they will help you make it successful. Share your brand story. Why do you do what you do? What makes what you do unique? Share some successes and hick-ups along the way. Ask your clients for their opinions and feedback about products or new services.

Show Gratitude. A personal touch, like an unexpected handwritten thank you note or a small gift, can go a very long way to let your clients know that you truly appreciate them. They will remember you for it.

Let's Be Friends!

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