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How to Pandemic Proof Your Business

With 24/7 news coverage and what is normal changing from day to day I don’t think anyone can escape the growing concern about our financial and personal health. But, we can learn and grow from it so that we know we can handle anything.

When my family and I started off on our big adventure in our RV we had to make a lot of lifestyle changes. The challenges of homeschooling, tight spaces (200 sq ft), and trying to create routine among fluid schedules is very similar to challenges many people are facing right now. It took time, patience, and flexibility to find a system that worked (most of the time) for us. I definitely had days where I felt camper crazy, but we had a lot of fun, I hit my first 10K month our second month of traveling, and the kids had unique learning experiences.

Traveling full time while running a business and homeschooling kids is not a pandemic, but learning how to flourish in a lot of uncertainty is the same. You have to be adaptable. I am sharing steps you can take right now to make sure your business is adaptable so that you can thrive.


"When you are clear about the purpose of your business making decisions that support your mission is easy."

1. Be clear about your mission – When you are clear about the purpose of your business and you know who you are, what you do, and who you do it for making decisions that support your mission is easy. When I knew that my mission for buying an RV and traveling full time was to have an adventure with my kids I made the time for fun. Even though my business was growing and I hit my first 10k month our second month out, my kids got to do so many new things like going to countless museums and national parks.

2. Prioritize – You have to know what your goals are and decide which actions you need to take to meet them. When you run your own business you will never run out of items that you could put on your to-do list. The trick is knowing what to put on that list and being able to quickly prioritize tasks on a day to day basis.

3. Get the right support – Traveling was really fun, but it could also be lonely and crowded at the same time! I really missed my community and being social, so I had regularly scheduled Zoom meetups with friends. These calls were just the kind of support I needed to stay connected and feel less isolated.

What is the right support for you in your business right now to keep you grounded and focused so that you know what to prioritize?

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