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5 Questions to Ask When You Feel Stuck in Your Business

What is my mission? Your mission is what you are doing now. It is your North Star. Who and how you serve may change, but your mission never does. If you don’t know what your mission is or yours has shifted,  this is where you should start.

Are you living your personal values in your business? You are your business. You became an entrepreneur, because you wanted to do things your way. If that’s not happening, you may feel totally out of alignment and can start to hate your job. Make a list and check it twice.

Are you serving your people? It is your tendency to want to be everything to everybody when you start out. You don’t want to miss out on any possible clients and it takes time to find your groove. If you don’t feel like taking time to build your business, it may be because you need to attract your ideal client and repel the ones that are not a good fit for you.

Are you doing the work that lights you up? Yes, being an entrepreneur means doing some things, like booking, that you may not enjoy, but you know the tingly feeling when your creative switch flips on. You should feel that more times than not. When you are not feeling a creative spark about the work you are doing, unhappiness can be the result because something is missing. What would you stop doing if you could hand it off to someone else? What work are you doing that you really enjoy? This could even be a portion of the process for a service you offer. Fine tuning what you do can completely change how you feel about your business. It’s totally normal for this to shift as you grow along with your businesses.

Are you making money? Let’s face it, we all want to make money, and while we are thankful to get the bills paid every month, having some extra cash flow is also part of the plan. Look at your services. Are you offering what will serve your clients best? Is it time to increase your prices? Could hiring some assistance, a web designer or coach for example, help you generate more income?

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