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#114: How to Be a Leader in Your Industry With Dr. Nadia Brown

Dr. Nadia holds a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and is passionate about helping women become more authentic, confident leaders who take charge of their careers.
She is a sales strategist, consultant, trainer, and founder of The Doyenne Agency. A sales agency that works with business owners, companies, and corporations to multiply revenue and awaken the consistent closer within your sales team using the Consistent Sales Method™. Nadia helps women learn to play the career game in business to advance their careers and professions.
In this episode, we talk about the struggles women have with growing their businesses and what it actually means to be a leader. It’s not about having a team, it’s about having a clear vision, knowing your impact, and having confidence in what you do. All you really need to do to be a leader and inspire others is have the courage to show up as yourself.
Listen in to learn how to:
→ Overcome your fear of hearing “No” to master sales
→ Cultivate your confidence to take your career to the next level
→ Establish yourself as a leader by combining vision, confidence, and impact.
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