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#112: How to Turn Your Side-Hustle Into Profitable Business With Anna Laura and Alex of SHE X SHINES

Anna Laura is an award-winning brand & product photographer and Alex is the owner of a private speech pathology practice. 
After connecting on Instagram while growing their separate businesses, they realized the common struggle multi-passionate people encounter: trying to successfully turn your idea into a money-making offer alongside all the other hats you wear in life.

As SHE x SHINES founders, they have helped dozens of entrepreneurial women — full-time employees, managing multiple businesses, pursuing higher-education degrees, growing families — turn a time-eating side hustle into a profitable, Champagne-Dream-of-a-business, using customized strategies and systems made especially for multi-passionates.

In this episode, we talk about what it means to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur and why so many people find themselves looking for more than a traditional career path. Anna Laura and Alex share their experience with creating and managing multiple businesses and how they teach entrepreneurs how to take their time sucking side hustle to a champagne dream business.
Listen in to learn how to:
→ Change your time-sucking side hustle into a money-making business
→ Get the support you need to find your passion in business
→ Grow and manage multiple businesses.
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