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Do you have a Mindset Problem or
a marketing problem?

If you aren’t getting the results you want in business you have to determine if you have a marketing problem or a mindset problem. This is how you make sure you are fixing the right problem so that you can get the clients, income, or freedom you want.

Not sure what kind of problem you have? Read on to learn how to determine if you have a marketing problem or a mindset problem and exactly what to do next! 

First, we need to get specific about what feels like a problem by looking at your marketing funnel.  How are you at converting leads? Do you book sales call? are you converting people who are interested in your work into paying clients? Are you great at following up?

After you have assessed your funnel this is the most important question to ask yourself to determine if you have a mindset problem or a marketing problem.

Am I not getting better results because I don’t take consistent action, or do I consistently take action without getting the results I want?

This question is important because you want to determine if you need to refine your strategy by changing your actions, or if you need to change your mindset so that you do the required actions to grow your business.

If you need to refine your strategy, then you want to look at how you can go deeper when it comes to building relationships with your clients. Maybe, you need to add in more touchpoints. Maybe, you need to post more. Maybe you need to be better at tracking leads and following up.

If you aren’t taking action this is a different problem to solve. It’s a mindset problem. You need to identify the fears and beliefs that come up when it’s time to get on a sales call, follow up with a potential client, post on social, or use lives to connect with your audience.

Every entrepreneur runs into mindset blocks. But successful entrepreneurs know how to identify when their fears and beliefs are keeping them from taking action. They know the difference between a mindset problem and a marketing problem so they are always solving the right problem and moving forward in their business.

Mindset can often be the one thing holding you back and that’s why I love using brain-based techniques like TIME and NLP to help my clients clear the barriers to their success and learn how to do it again and again.

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