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Four Fundamentals of a successful Business

Finding clients can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Or that matching sock in our house!

Most entrepreneurs feel they need to show up on more platforms, engage more on Instagram, or try new methods like dancing on Reels to make getting clients feel easy.

In my experience working with 100s of entrepreneurs, the reason why a marketing strategy isn’t working is either from lack of consistency, or there is a crack in the foundation.

The foundation of your business includes these four fundamentals.

Clear messaging that tells people exactly why they should hire you

 Services that solve your client’s #1 problem and meet your financial goals

 A proven marketing strategy that is easy for you to repeat

A mindset that attracts clients by making it easy for you to take action instead of letting your fears take you off course 

Clear Messaging

You can be on all of the platforms, write amazing heartfelt emails and captions, and have tons of likes on posts, but if people don’t know what problem you solve and why they should hire you they will never turn into paying clients. You have to be clear about who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why it matters.

Services that Sell

It is very difficult to grow a business off of services that don’t sell. Most people continue to create more services to reach their money goals and get burned out with a bunch of services that take a lot of work to sell. You need services that clearly identify and solve your ideal client’s number one problem.

Simple Marketing strategy

A simple marketing strategy lets you create relationships and grow your business in a way that not only feels good but brings in new clients. Often, when entrepreneurs aren’t sure how to create a system that works for them they continue to try new strategies hoping that something works. A more profitable way to grow your business is to decide how you want to reach new clients, and work that system consistently refining it along the way. Then, when you have that one strategy producing the results you want you can add on a new strategy and work it until it works for you.

A Magnetic Mindset

A magnetic mindset is more than just affirmations and palo santo. It’s facing the fears that keep you from taking action in your business and healing what needs to be healed so that you can easily move towards your goals. Changing your beliefs is the only real way to change your actions and your actions produce results. Learning how to overcome your mindset hurdles will open up the path to clients in a way that will always grow your business. 

No marketing strategy can fix a broken foundation, but I see so many amazing business owners like you trying their hardest and feeling really frustrated that their business isn’t growing.

That’s why I created Fearless Fundamentals so that you can finally have the sustainable business you want to get you to 6-figures. This 6-month program helps you secure all of the foundational elements that are fundamental to your success. Learn more about Fearless Fundamentals and what getting the right support can do for your business. 

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