Starting a business isn’t a one and done kind of thing. It’s the start of a new journey.  As we build our business, we gain new skills, interests, and passions. We also have lives that influence how we like to work and what we want to do. Sometimes, it is only through the process of doing the work that we can find what truly lights us up.

Entrepreneurship is a windy road, but it can be a smoother one with the right strategies and support. Are you ready to act on your big ideas and align with your vision of entrepreneurship?  I can make those big scary leaps into easy to manage side steps, so we can bring your vision to life.

Are You Ready to Create a Clear
Path to Clients? 

Let’s make transitioning your brand easy with clarity, strategy, and action!

The first step in aligning with our bigger vision is to get clear. Clear on exactly what we want, who we are and what we do. We also have to clear a path by letting go of fears and limiting beliefs to work through each of these steps and define our new brand.

When we create a strategy for growing our business around who are, what we value, and our unique voice reaching potential customers and growing our brand feels easy. It’s easy, because we have a custom guide that keeps us in alignment by propelling up forward with confidence and clarity.

Building the business you want where you get to serve in a way that lights you up on your own terms isn’t as simple as completing a check list of actions. knowing what actions to take and actually following through with them can leave a lot of goals unaccomplished and your business dreams at a standstill.  When you Align With Ease you get the clarity and strategy you need to create a foundation and guide for growing your business. You also get doable bite sized steps and a cheerleader to keep you accountable, push you when you need it, and help you work through your stories so you can get out of your own way.

Are you ready to Align with the business you truly want?


This Is Perfect For You If

You love the work you do, but you want to change how you do it, or who you do it for. You don’t know how to reposition your business to keep the audience you have while growing in a new direction.

Marketing your business and creating content like social media and newsletters seems overwhelming. You need a marketing plan that you can stick to, so you can grow your online presence.

You have a big vision for your business, but you are not sure how to put action behind your ideas to make them a reality. Maybe, you want to launch a community or online course. Maybe, like many creatives, you have a lot of passions and skills, but you aren’t sure how to put them together.

You need someone on your team to support you on the hard days. Call you out when you are getting in your own way. Push you when you need to get outside of your comfort zone. Hold you accountable to the goals that you have set.

This Is What We Can Do

> Define what your ideal business that will support the life you want to lead looks like, and how to shift your current business to get there.

> Create a strategy and values based guide with simple steps to realign and grow your business in a way that feels good to you.

> Identify and push through limiting beliefs that are holding you back so you can show up the way your business needs you to. 

What to Expect

3 one-hour calls per month with recap email and action steps

Monthly strategy to break down your big goals in actionable steps

Tailored worksheets and resources to help you meet your goals

A library of resources with lifetime access  

Anytime Voxer support

TOTAL INVESTMENT  6 Months   |  Monthly Payments of $600 


“ I have been working with Shana since January of this year, and I could have not made a better investment for my business. From building my website, planning out my goals for the year, setting up my email list, and helping with all my branding.

I could not have done all I have this year without her. We are doing in 1 year what would usually take 2 for others, and I don’t want it any other way!

Shana is now a friend, and I will always turn to her. She is super easy and open to talk to, and I absolutely love her mindset. She and I clicked right away from the first coffee meeting we had. She was able to keep up with all of my ideas and help organize them in an effective way.

I will always recommend Shana to absolutely every entrepreneur out there! She can handle and organize any project. The best thing every business needs!”

Bri McCarver
Asia Kay Beauty

I could not have done all I have this year without her. We are doing in 1 year what would usually take 2 for others, and I don't want it any other way! - Bri McCarver


I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I first made contact with Shana, I was approached with the ‘we-can-do-it’ attitude towards my entire project and her willingness to meet my creative needs has been unparalleled. We had a fairly intense process on my end, due to me having a bigger vision but needing to scale it back and streamline it to get started. Shana helped me narrow it all down and started with Phase 1 and she always made working together very easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute edits and changes; to eventually a complete redirect, yet her overall approach was and always is open-minded, dedicated and positive.

Post-launch and post redirect, she has continued to be supportive, engaging and willing to bring a fresh new perspective, making it easy to solve any issues or concerns quickly and graciously. I am so very appreciative of her creative efforts.

Thank you, Shana for bringing so much joy and peace of mind into my life and into my conscious company, Remember Your Truth! 

Tracey Owens
Remember Your Truth

Thank you, Shana for bringing so much joy and peace of mind into my life and into my conscious company, Remember Your Truth! - Tracey Owens

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