Starting a business isn’t a one and done kind of thing. It’s the start of a new journey.  As we build our business, we gain new skills, interests, and passions. We also have lives that influence how we like to work and what we want to do. Sometimes, it is only through the process of doing the work that we can find what truly lights us up.

Entrepreneurship is a windy road, but it can be a smoother one with the right strategies. Are you ready to act on those big ideas for a new project or phase in your business that have been brewing?  I can make those big scary leaps into easy to manage side steps, so we can bring your vision to life.

Coaching Intensive

If you are feeling stuck somewhere in your business, a coaching incentive will help you identify the things that are blocking you, clarify the outcome you want, and create a strategy to get there. If you want to focus in and get real movement in one area of your business, this coaching intensive is for you.

This Is Perfect For You If

> You love the work you do and how you are showing up for your clients, but your business feels overwhelming, and you need help getting your time back.

> You need fast action and direction in one area of your business.

> You need a marketing plan that you can stick to, so you can grow your online presence.

This Is What We Can Do

> Look at your business from the inside out and assess what is working and not working.

> Define what your ideal business that will support the life you want to lead looks like and how to shift your current business to get there.

> Create a strategy with simple steps to realign your business and create that dream job today.

> A complete brand audit of your newsletter, website, and social media to create a cohesive message and content marketing strategy.

What to Expect

A 2 hour coaching session via Zoom with video replay and a recap email

A 1 hour follow up call with video replay and a recap email

Goal setting + 90-day action plan

Worksheets and resources to help you meet your goals

90 days of email support

TOTAL INVESTMENT  6 weeks   |  $1,500 OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $500


It’s easy to get lost in your own business. Cycles of growth in our business occur through change. These changes can often leave us feeling the strain of being out of alignment with the way that we want to show up in our work and the way that we are actually operating in our business. This can leave us feeling like our business is a hot mess behind the scenes and overwhelmed at where to begin to fix it. Maybe, you are working way more hours that you want and you need to figure out how to streamline your business. Maybe, the way you love serving people isn’t how you are telling people to hire you on social media, in your content marketing, and on your website. Maybe, you have so many great ideas for your business, but you don’t know how to break them down into actionable steps, so you can create the changes you want to see.

I can help you clarify your goals, create systems and processes to run your business, and perfect your brand message, so you can align your current business with your vision of a business you love.

This Is Perfect For You If

>You want to pivot and change who you serve or how you do it,  but you don’t want to lose the business and the audience you have built.

> You want to add new services, courses, or speak to a different audience and don’t know how to reposition your brand to do so.

> You are ready to grow and scale your business. You need help creating the messaging, systems, or marketing strategy to reach your goals.

> Your business isn’t feeling so dreamy anymore. You need a fresh look at your business to realign with your values and create the path to move forward.

> You are full of ideas that you want to implement in your business, but you need help reeling in all of that creativity. You need a step-by-step plan so you can make your ideas a reality.

> Entrepreneurship isn’t what you thought it would be and need help to create better systems and processes to
save you time and run your business more efficiently.

> You need guidance and support to work through the growing pains of being an entrepreneur.

> Your content marketing game is weak, and you want someone to tell you what to post and what to write in your newsletter to get more sales.

This Is What We Can Do

> We will take a fresh look at what is working and not working. Set goals plus a strategy with actionable steps  to accomplish those goals.

> We will work through some exercises to get clear on your mission, vision, and values. Create clear messaging to market and grow your business.  

> Create strategies, systems, and processes to walk you through transitioning your business, so you are in total alignment with the business you really want and not be overwhelmed.

> I offer accountability and support along the way to keep your mindset positive, your energy high-vibe, and your to-do list checked.

> Utilize my team so you can stay focused on your goals without having to hire a designer or copywriter to implement a task in your strategy.

> The end result is a business that feels good. You will be serving people in a way that fulfills your passion and purpose.

What to Expect

A 2 hour kick-off coaching session via Zoom with video replay and a recap email

A 1 hour monthly call with video replay and a recap email

Goal setting + easy to follow action plan

Worksheets and resources to help you meet your goals & execute your plan

A complete brand audit

Anytime email support



TOTAL INVESTMENT  6 months  |  STARTS AT $1,800 

Find Your Brand Voice

Are you are feeling overwhelmed about how to market your business? Maybe, you aren’t sure what to say. Maybe, you don’t know how to “be yourself” like all of the social media gurus say or use your post to make sales. Maybe, you just need a plan that you can stick to instead of watching one more training. 

 Having a Strategy that You Just have to Implement Will:

> Give you confidence in showing up online as yourself

> Create the kind consistency that will take the stress out of marketing your business and make you look legit

> Spread the messages that will create awareness for what you do and attract fans

What to Expect

Two 45-minute calls

Brand Messaging to create a clear message for marketing your business.

A Short bio

Social media strategy to promote your business plus engage with your audience from the perspective of your unique voice.

Sample Instagram Grid

Content ideas for newsletters and blogs

Tips for implementing your strategy with ease


Is DIY More Your Style?

My online courses walk you through the steps to create a business around
who you are and how you want to live. 

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