How to Create Online Courses

#92: How to Sell Online Courses

In this episode, Rachel shares why she left the agency world and how tried different entrepreneurial ventures before finding that what worked for her. Working for Simplero while also running her marketing business, Resilient Marketing, has given her the chance to work she loves helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

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The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast

#90: Growing Your Business by Cultivating Ultimate Self Trust

In episode 90 of The Magnetic Entrepreneur, Jana Romer talks about her journey from using her degree to work for a pretentious marking company to giving it up to work as a stewardess and travel the world as she learned more about what would make her happy. She found her knowledge of Astrology and her Yoga Nedra practice to be life-changing and allow for deep healing and self-trust. She now teaches others these same modalities for self-growth.

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