The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast


#155: What it Takes to Uplevel Your Business (Session 9 With MegAnne)

In this week’s episode, we review the results of MegAnne’s challenge and talk about what it really takes to level up in business. The process of reviewing what you learned from a challenge is the most essential step. This is how you get better conversion and create more ease in your strategy. You will also hear us talk about letting yourself feel disappointed and how being uncomfortable is a tradeoff for leveling up. When you are uncomfortable you are stretching yourself to do something new, which gets you a different result. Sometimes we also need to push our potential clients to get a little uncomfortable too so that they can take the next step and get different results.
In the episode, you will learn how to:
→ Create an overview for your challenge
→ Look at data to tweak your strategy
→ Identify if you are ready to level up
→ Look at your copy from your potential client’s perspective
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