Meet Shana (rhymes with banana!)

Shana Dewitt is a Business and Mindset Coach that helps women build a 6-figure business by doing it their way. She believes that a custom strategy and unshakeable confidence are the only way to create a successful business that feels good. She helps her clients achieve this by using her experience working with 100s of entrepreneurs and Human Design to find the right strategy for each client and science-based techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming to cultivate the mindset they need to take action and get massive growth.

She’s a certified life and business coach with additional certifications in Human Design, NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, and Reiki and continues to pursue learning about how to rewire our brains for success with a passion. 

When she’s not working, you can find her having inspiring conversations about entrepreneurship as the host of the Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast or planning her next RV adventure with her family.

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Speaking Topics

If you’re feeling stuck in your biz- You Aren’t Solving the Right Problem

I see many entrepreneurs struggling to meet their goals in business because they aren’t solving the right problem. They spend countless hours searching for that one Reel, post, or platform that will finally grow their business, and feeling like a failure when it doesn’t work. The truth is, no strategy will work if the real fix needs to come from within. You will continue to feel stuck if you aren’t solving the right problem in your business. 

In this talk, I help you identify if you have a mindset problem or a marketing problem. I share common examples of challenges that appear to be strategy problems but are actually mindset issues. Understanding the difference allows you to work on the right problem and get massive results in your business. 

How Human Design Completely Changed My Business

Human Design has had a huge impact on my business (and life!). Learning about my Human Design type has given me so much permission to lean into what actually works for me and the results have been more clients, better work-life balance, and feeling really good in my business. I knew I had to share this tool with my clients to help them get the same results in their businesses. And they have!

Human Design has become my secret sauce in helping my clients find the right marketing strategy for them to fast-track their growth in a way that feels easy.  In this talk, I share what Human Design is, how it changed my business, and how you can use your Human Design chart to grow your business with more ease.

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