Meet Shana (sounds like banana)

Shana Dewitt is a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist that helps women create a sustainable business doing meaningful work. It’s her passion to help women succeed at entrepreneurship so they can have more choices and opportunities in their lives.

She’s a certified success coach with additional certifications in NLP, TIME Techniques, EFT, Hypnosis, and Reiki.

Shana uses these unique tools in addition to her expertise and experience in owning three online businesses to help her clients create the standout messaging, custom marketing strategies, and magnetic mindset they need to reach 6-figures.

When she’s not working, you can find her having inspiring conversations about entrepreneurship as the host of the Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast or planning her next RV adventure with her family.

You can read more about her entrepreneurial journey here.


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Speaking Topics

How to know if you have a mindset problem or a marketing problem.

I see many entrepreneurs struggling to meet their goals in business because they aren’t solving the right problem. They spend countless hours searching for that one Reel, post, or platform that will finally grow their business, and feeling like a failure when it doesn’t work. The truth is, no strategy will work if the real fix needs to come from within.

In this talk, I help you identify some of the sneaky ways fears and beliefs show up in your business so that you can work on the right problem and get massive results in your business. 

Then, I share some of my favorite ways for releasing those thoughts and beliefs so you can become a Magnetic Entrepreneur and grow your business with ease.

How to Become a Magnetic Entrepreneur

Being a Magnetic Entrepreneur means creating a big impact in this world with Ease and Flow.  It’s how you create a business sharing your gifts and talents while also feeling really good doing it!  Gone are the days of feeling like a sleazy salesman and the biggest secret in your industry. There is another way, and this is it.

In this talk, I share my Clarity, Strategy, and Mindset method to stand out online and attract clients. Then, I tell you how to identify and release the fears and beliefs that are holding you back.

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