How to Create A Magnetic Mindset

Use these journaling prompts to create a daily practice that sets your business on fire!

I’m ready to be a magnetic entrepreneur!

In Just 10 Minutes You Can...

Let go the fears that are holding you back

Align with your dreams and goals

Manifest & create your future

What to expect

Create a clear vision of what you want and who you need to become to get it.

Identify the resistance (thoughts, fears, or beliefs) that is keeping you from creating the future you desire and release it.

Create a new 5-minute daily routine that will start to retrain your brain with the mindset you need to manifest what you want. 

Hey, I'm Shana!

I’m a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist who helps women create a sustainable business doing meaningful work. It’s my passion to help women succeed at entrepreneurship so they can have more choices and opportunities in their lives.

I’m a certified life and business coach with additional certifications in NLP, TIME Techniques, EFT, Hypnosis, and Reiki.

I use these unique tools in addition to my expertise and experience in owning three online businesses to help my clients create the standout messaging, custom marketing strategies, and magnetic mindset they need to reach 6-figures.

When I’m not working, you can find me having inspiring conversations about entrepreneurship as the host of the Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast or planning my next RV adventure with my family.



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