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You could spend months trying to build a business that gives you the freedom + financial security that you want all on your own, but why would you want to do that? Trying implies failure, and I’m all about confidence and success!

Fearless Fundamentals gives you the structure and personalized coaching you need to create the right foundation for your unique business.  When you have the right foundation, you have the confidence and the platform for a business that continues to grow with you. This is how you get sustainability and financial freedom.

After creating three online businesses and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs create their dream biz, I understand the excitement, fear, overwhelm, and imposter syndrome that comes with launching a business. I know how to help new business owners like you get the clarity, confidence, mindset, and strategy you need to grow a business doing work you love.  This 6-month engagement gives you the business foundation you need to create a business that will give you consistent 5k months and continue to grow to 6-figures and scale in a sustainable way.

Ready to take the right actions to grow your business?
Fearless Fundamentals opens on May 24th and closes on May 28th.

“I was nervous about starting my life coaching business, but with Shana’s help, I was able to get my certification and immediately take on 3 paying clients!”  – Sara W. 

What to Expect

This is a coaching partnership that truly supports your business without adding more to your plate. If you are ready to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something works, this is the program for you. Each month you will get actionable steps and group coaching to walk you through the process of creating a foundation for your successful business.

→ Groups of 3 or less so you get to learn from each other and have your questions addressed in coaching calls

→ Learn how to create services that support your goals in both work-life balance and scalability

→ Learn how to create a marketing strategy that builds confidence and gets you clients on repeat

→ Learn how to generate leads and master sales 

→ Overcome the mindset blocks that are sabotaging your success for continued business and personal growth. 

→ Get the accountability and support you need to stay consistent and focused (this is why most entrepreneurs fail!)
until you get the results you want. 




How it Works

→ Weekly homework and training so you know exactly what to do to create the foundation you need to grow your business 

→ Content is delivered audibly via Hello Audio so you can listen on the go 

→Bi-weekly 60-minute coaching calls

→Two 60-minute solo coaching calls 

→Anytime Voxer communication to support you and keep you accountable between calls

→One solo 60-minute Money Breakthrough Session to quickly shift your mindset around receiving money ($333 value)

This Is For You If

→ You’re ready to ditch the feast or famine cycle for stability and growth

→ You aren’t sure how to grow your business and you are ready to the right actions to get the biz you want

→ You are ready to overcome the fears and beliefs that keep you from showing up in your business and create a
magnetic mindset that attracts clients.

→ You know entrepreneurship is for you and you are ready to invest in your future

→ You don’t want to wait for success to come, you are ready to make make money now

Your Investment

For a limited time, you can join the second round of Fearless Fundamentals for only $350 a month.  This program has the feel and results of one-on-one coaching with the amazing group coaching price. When you join the waitlist you automatically get access to the beta tester price and a link to set up a free consultation before joining the program. 

TOTAL INVESTMENT  6 Month Minimum   |  LIMITED TIME Beta Price $350 / Month or $1800 Paid In Full


“I had been trying to get my business off the ground for months. Fearless Fundamentals came just in time to turn things around and now I’m fully booked!”  – Jessica M. 

Learn More About the Breakthrough Sessions From One of My Clients

Q and A

How do you decide when the live coaching calls will take place?
I send out a poll to everyone who is participating. Then, based on the days and time that work best for everyone I will divide everyone into groups and send out the invite for a recurring ZOOM meeting.

What if I miss a call? 
If something comes up and you can’t make a call you will still have access to the recorded session and you can always email me your questions to address live.

When do we get our one-on-one coaching session and Money Mindset Breakthrough session?
You can schedule your sessions anytime you want to including up to 30 days after your program ends. I do think it’s highly beneficial to do your breakthrough session as we start marketing your business because this is where most people get stuck. They let their fears keep them from implementing their marketing strategy.

Where do the sessions take place?
All coaching sessions take place on ZOOM and then you are given access to the recording.

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