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Honeybook automates the process of onboarding clients so they get a seamless process that builds trust while you are doing other things. You can set up ONE email that sends proposals, contracts, and accept payments. This makes working with new clients an easy process for you, and for them.  You can literally save hours a week grow your business or create more time for you.


Good communication is key to creating a great client experience. Honeybook allows you to create a step-by-step onboarding process, automated questionaries, and emails you can customize to get feedback and deliver resources. This means your client’s get excellent support without you being online 24/7 and they have an experience they can’t wait to share.


Never underestimate the power of feeling like a BOSS and how that energy attracts more clients! Having a system that saves you time and allows you to provide an amazing experience for your clients does just that! It’s easy to cultivate confidence when you never have to worry about missing a email, sending a proposal, or checking in with your clients.