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 Let’s Create Your
6-Figure Dream Business – Together!

My coaching partnership is an ultra-personalized 1:1 coaching experience that’s going to uplevel your business, sell out your highest offer and get you feeling like the confident business owner you’ve dreamed of becoming.

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Building a Profitable Business
Doesn't Have to Feel Hard

I know that you are serious about your desire to create a business where you get paid to do work that lights you up. I also know that building that dream often comes with self-doubt, overwhelm, questioning if you are doing it all wrong, and obsessing over getting clients and making money. Building a profitable business doesn’t have to feel like climbing Mount Everest and trading your self-confidence along the way. What I know to be true is that building a business with ease comes when you find the right strategy for you, fully believe in your success, and get the right support.

In the online space, we are pushed to believe that there is a magic formula for success and if we just buy this one thing, we will easily become millionaires. But no one course, program, or freebie is going to fast-track your success. While you can learn valuable information from these options, the missing ingredient is YOU. You can learn about strategies like social media, email, or ads to grow a business, but the question is, how do you apply this to YOUR business? These failed strategies only push you farther away from having the successful business you want because it cultivates a fear that there is something wrong with you. The truth is that they aren’t the right strategies FOR YOU. Building a successful business with ease is actually all about discovering what works best for you. When you build a business that cultivates confidence with marketing strategies, systems, and services that highlight your strengths getting consistent clients feels easy. 

My Approach to Coaching

Many people get into coaching by selling the exact strategy that THEY USED to create a successful business. Which may work for some people, but does not work for everyone. My approach to coaching is to help you create the mindset + strategy YOU NEED to become a Magnetic Entrepreneur™. 

This means attracting clients and deciding how you want to grow your business, instead of living in fear and never knowing how much money you are going to make. I use my experience in working with 100s of entrepreneurs and tools like NLP and Human Design to fully support the most important part of your business, which is you.

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“She knew when to push, and she knew when to hold back. She constantly encouraged me. We worked on everything from what to say on my website to how to show up with different posts on social media to grow my VA business.”
–   Wynter Chatman 

The Key to Consistent Sales
& Loving Your Business

You already know that answer to getting consistent clients or scaling your business doesn’t lie behind taking one more course (you know enough), or joining another social media platform (you do enough). But you don’t know what is keeping you from hitting your money goals and loving your business.

Having the right strategy for you and your business plus a mindset that has you feeling confident and taking action is THE WAY to build a business that gives you everything you want. If it were easy to figure this out on your own, you would have already done it. That’s where I come in! In a coaching partnership, I am in it with you holding the belief for what’s possible for you when you can’t and keeping you moving forward. I bring my expertise in business and mindset to give you the custom strategy and rock-solid mindset you need to build your 6-figure business.


Your Signature Marketing System™ for Getting Clients on Repeat

Marketing is actually pretty simple. It’s figuring out what works best for YOUR business that can be tricky. When we work together in a coaching partnership we will create your Signature Marketing System™, a proven strategy (or strategies) for getting consistent clients in a way that feels good to you.

We jumpstart the process of creating your Signature Marketing System™ by using Human Design. Human Design gives permission and insight into what strategies and business models best fit your personality and allows you to cut out things you don’t need. This allows us to key in on the right strategy(getting you results faster) for your business so we can tweak and refine what works and feels good into your failproof system for getting clients on repeat. 

A  Signature Marketing System™ gives you the foundation you need to hit your first 5k month or 6-figure year! Knowing what kind of strategies work best for you and the systems and support you need to implement them is the key to reaching all levels of success in your business. And it feels pretty powerful too!

The Mindset that Makes
Anything Possible for You!

If you have been an entrepreneur for any amount of time you know what it’s like to battle fears of impostor syndrome, and worthiness. You know what it feels like to freeze up on a sales call, spend hours writing one post, and avoid hearing a no because you are afraid to fail. You also know what it’s like to land a client or make a sale hoping that this will finally mean your business is taking off only to hit a dry spell and spiral into self-doubt all over again.

If this sounds like you know that everyone has these same thoughts and fears that can keep you from taking action in your business. People who are successful just know how to deal with them so they don’t hold themselves back. 

Mindset determines success because it’s impossible for you to reach a goal that you don’t believe is possible for you. Because you will not consistently take action to create a business that you believe is a fairytale for you. If you have some success, then you sometimes believe. If you have great success then you are consistently holding that belief in what is possible for you.

Your beliefs create your thoughts and your thoughts become things. When you change your thoughts, you change what is becoming real for you. This is why what you are doing is just as important as who you are becoming. Once you have a vision for the business you want, you just have to close the gap between who you are and who you need to become to believe in that vision for it to be your reality. 

That’s exactly what I help my clients do using actual science to go right to the source of your blocks to speed up the results (and completely change your thought process and beliefs overnight ). Yes really! Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is known as the language of the mind because it speaks directly to your subconscious where you create the beliefs that are holding back and replaces them with a new empowering belief. Imagine how differently you would feel and act if you believed your success was inevitable!

Mindset is the magic component that expedites my client’s success and changes everything. It’s why I have clients who have tried to get their businesses off the ground for years, and finally make consistent income when we work together. It’s why they often go from hating sales to feeling confident about selling and making sales.  

Learn more about NLP and how it helps entrepreneurs like you here. 

Is Coaching Right for You?

Making an investment in your business is always a big decision. It’s completely normal to feel resistance toward letting go of your money. Especially if your business isn’t regularly generating income. But that’s exactly why you need to invest in getting the right support in your business! You could spend months, or even years, trying to figure out how to get consistent clients or scale your business. Or, you can save yourself countless hours and dollars shoestring together freebies, courses, and information you find online by getting the custom support you need to build your 6-figure business. If you are ready to start attracting clients and enjoying the flexibility and freedom of entrepreneurship, like yesterday, then coaching is for you.

Book your free consultation where we’ll talk about how we can work together so you can start attracting clients and create the thriving business you know you know you deserve!

Who I Work With

My clients work in a variety of industries and are at different levels of business. They have a common goal of creating a business that supports a beautiful life and they all create success by doing things THEIR way.

These are some recent results my clients have experienced!

Leaving their 9-5 to go full time in their business

Landing a 25k project within one month of working together

All of my clients feel confident and grounded in their businesses

Many clients have had their first 100k year

Tripling their income while working less than 25 hours a week

Going from 0 clients to booked out within 6 weeks of working together

What 6-months of coaching
can do for your business

When MegAnn and I started working together she was overwhelmed, burned out, and unsure of how to create consistent income in her business. She had a large audience online, but she wasn’t getting sales. She felt like she was giving so much to her people, without getting the financial support from her business that she needed. During our coaching partnership, we created her Signature Marketing System™  for a tried and true method of getting clients that gives her control over how fast her business grows and how much money she wants to make. She went from working hard to make inconsistent sales to feeling excited about her business, clear about what to do, and taking the first step to buying a home with her husband. 

Let’s add you to my success stories.

My 1:1 Coaching Partnership

An ultra-personalized 6-month coaching experience that’s going to uplevel your business, sell out your highest offer and get you feeling like the confident business owner you’ve dreamed of becoming.

This is where mindset meets strategy
to make your dream business a reality!

“I could not have done all I have this year without her. We are doing in 1 year what would usually take 2 for others, and I don’t want it any other way!”
– Bri McCarver

What to Expect

Clarity about what you want and how to get it like you have never had before.

A marketing strategy that feels so easy you want to kick yourself for not getting support sooner. But, I won’t let you! We don’t waste time on regrets here.

Feeling so grounded in your business model that you get to play in your business and have fun. 

Having your best month in business yet! And, knowing how to do it again, and again. 

Knowing exactly how to get clients so you can start to plan what each quarter will look like. You get to decide how much money you want to make and how many hours you want to work.

Take back all of the energy you spent worrying about your business and invest that into enjoying your life. 

Uncovering and rewriting the beliefs that have been keeping you small and making the process of growing a business feel so damn hard.

Facing your fears to become the version of you who has everything they want.

What's Included

  • (18) 60-minute one-on-one calls with me (3 calls per month plus one week for implementation)

  • Full access to me via ClickUp between calls so that we can connect, celebrate, answer questions, and move you forward faster.

  • Your Human Design blueprint for a better understanding of how to reach your goals with ease

  • NLP sessions as needed to completely rewire the way you think for Quantum leaps in your business and life

  • You’ll feel deeply supported in growing your business so you can keep showing up (and getting results), even when you have a hard day.

  • Content tailored specifically to you and your growth so that you have exactly what you need to move forward the fastest

  • Weekly feedback and accountability

It's Time to Invest in You, and Your Dreams

If you are ready to stop winging it (and getting inconsistent results to show for it), and start actually having a business where you create financial freedom doing work you love, it’s time to yes to getting the right support. 


You won’t get a cookie-cutter solution to building your dream business here. That’s why we work together for 6-months to create your custom strategy and make sure it works! Testing and implementation is often the hardest part of finding a strategy that consistently gets you clients and the reason most entrepreneurs struggle with sales.  This is the part of the process where you start having big wins, a few setbacks, and lots of mindset challenges. A 6-month coaching partnership gives us the right amount of time to create a solid foundation for your success!

TOTAL INVESTMENT  6 Months   |  $800 / Month or $4,800 Paid In Full.

Sometimes, you just need a little extra support. If you already have a strategy that is getting you clients, but you need to get even better results, with a refined strategy or a new offer, a 6-week intensive could be just the right fit.

TOTAL INVESTMENT  6 Weeks   |  $1500 Paid In Full.


Let’s make sure you feel really good about taking this next step.
I’d love to connect on a free, 30-minute clarity call.

I can get to know you and your business. We’ll talk about how we can work together and if coaching is the best next step for you.


“ I have been working with Shana since January of this year, and I could have not made a better investment for my business. From building my website, planning out my goals for the year, setting up my email list, and helping with all my branding.

I could not have done all I have this year without her. We are doing in 1 year what would usually take 2 for others, and I don’t want it any other way!

Shana is now a friend, and I will always turn to her. She is super easy and open to talk to, and I absolutely love her mindset. She and I clicked right away from the first coffee meeting we had. She was able to keep up with all of my ideas and help organize them in an effective way.

I will always recommend Shana to absolutely every entrepreneur out there! She can handle and organize any project. The best thing every business needs!”

Bri McCarver
Asia Kay Beauty

I could not have done all I have this year without her. We are doing in 1 year what would usually take 2 for others, and I don't want it any other way! - Bri McCarver


I wouldn’t have it any other way!

When I first made contact with Shana, I was approached with the ‘we-can-do-it’ attitude towards my entire business and her willingness to meet my needs has been unparalleled. We had a fairly intense process on my end, due to me having a bigger vision but needing to scale it back and streamline it to get started. Shana helped me narrow it all down and started with Phase 1 and she always made working together very easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute edits and changes; to eventually a complete redirect, yet her overall approach was and always is open-minded, dedicated and positive.

Post-launch and post redirect, she has continued to be supportive, engaging and willing to bring a fresh new perspective, making it easy to solve any issues or concerns quickly and graciously. I am so very appreciative of her support.

Thank you, Shana for bringing so much joy and peace of mind into my life and into my conscious company, Remember Your Truth! 

Tracey Owens
Remember Your Truth

Thank you, Shana for bringing so much joy and peace of mind into my life and into my conscious company, Remember Your Truth! - Tracey Owens

Sittinee Sheffert


Shana understood my mission and what I wanted to accomplish. She was so easy to work with and the product she produced was excellent.

She helped me see a different vision on how to expand my business. Because she understood what I was trying to accomplish, she brought several excellent ideas to the table, many of which I implemented. I appreciated her creativity and organization. She brought structure to help me expand my program as well as helping with setting achievable goals.

She was easy to work with and pushed me to think outside the box. I loved that I was able to get a different perspective from her. The products she helped produce has been instrumental in helping my Program Leaders get started with their own Giving Artfully Kids business. It was so well organized and easy to pass on the “business in a box” concept to my Program Leaders. 

I really enjoyed the work and am look forward to working with her again.

"She helped me see a different vision on how to expand my business." - Sittinee Sheffert

Still not sure if it’s the right time to invest in coaching?
I’d love to connect on a free, 30-minute clarity call.

We’ll talk about how a customized approach to mindset and strategy can help you reach your big money goals with more ease because growing your dream business gets to be fun and profitable!

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