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Brand Foundations For
a Business That Thrives

A step-by-step guide for building the foundation you need to grow and market your business.

If you are struggling with using your social media posts to attract clients, telling people what you do, feeling confident about your business, or creating offers that sell this workbook is for you! 

Everything about marketing and growing your business gets easier when you know exactly why people need to hire you.

In this workbook, you will clarify who you are, what you do,  who you do it for, and why your work matters! When you are super clear on the #1 problem that you solve and how you get results people will want to work with you! 

This 15 page workbook + video series will leave feeling confident about what you do and ready to tell the world so that you can start getting new clients on repeat. 

This is what we will cover!

→ Your Brand Story

→ Your mission, vision, values, ethos and unique selling proposition

→ Your Brand Values framework

→ Writing your positioning statement

→ Services that sell

Grab the workbook that I have used with over
100 entrepreneurs to help them build a business that thrives.

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