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The Most Radical Idea You Will Hear About Growing a Business

Do you ever feel like your dream business is an award you get only after you fight vicious trolls and fiery dragons on your way to success?

That’s really dramatic, but often how it feels as an entrepreneur when you put your heart and soul into building a business without getting consistent growth.  It really does feel like the classic hero’s journey of wins that make you feel hopeful and defeats that make you beat yourself up and question everything.

Those trolls and dragons look like going live and no one showing up, having a client who bails on you, launching an offer you are excited about but not getting any sales. Many of us believe that we need to sacrifice more and work harder to reach our goal of creating our dream business where we get paid to do work that serves others and lIghts us up. When more work and more sacrifice still don’t produce the results we want we turn all of our blame inward and wonder, why not me? Am I not enough? Is this not my path?

Overcoming those thoughts is the biggest battle of all.

What if I told you that we have it all wrong? What if, the minute your heart creates a vision for the business you want it’s already there, and it’s actually YOU that has to catch up. YOU have to BECOME the person who runs your dream business. The kind of business owner who completely believes in the transformation they get their clients. The kind of leader who trusts in their decision-making and intuition. The kind of boss who believes that their success is inevitable and takes confident action. 

In your dreamiest moments where you speak your vision, without doubt, and fear you are manifesting what you want. The universe will put you on the right path giving you the resources you need to create what you desire. You will have people, opportunities, and knowledge presented to you. When you flake out on an opportunity, freeze on a sales call, and don’t follow your intuition it’s not the Universe working against you, it’s your fear. Self-doubt and limiting beliefs are what keep you from being the version of you who has the business you dream of.

After many battles with my own trolls and dragons and helping my clients with theirs, these are some examples of how you can see evidence that my theory is true.

Hindsight is 20/20.

At some point in your journey, you will look back and realize you are already doing the thing you want to do.

For example, so many of my client’s businesses take off when they niche in on what comes easily to them. Even though they have been looking for the ‘right’ service to offer and struggling to find their ideal clients, it’s always something they are already doing that becomes the thing they are known for. There are different reasons it takes the help of an outsider to see your business more clearly. Sometimes it’s because a person is fighting the fear of success, which is also a fear of failure. 

Other times it is because we feel like there has to be a challenge that we overcome to be deserving of the thing we want and we don’t value what is easy for us, even if it feels like rocket science for others. As soon as they stop overcomplicating their business and let what is already working become their focus, the client starts rolling in. 

When I had my design studio, I spent a lot of time talking to my clients about marketing and being an entrepreneur inside of our branding and web design conversations. This was my favorite part of what I did, but I didn’t think I could have a business doing just this work alone. I also didn’t trust myself enough to hire someone to do the actual design work while I did all of the consulting. I was scared. I thought, what if my clients dry up, what if I can’t find the right person?

I continued to have these types of conversations by putting out an invitation to free calls in my newsletter and they always ended up like a coaching call. I even recorded these calls and put them on YouTube. I remember thinking, it would be amazing if this was my job. This was way before everyone had a YouTube channel and a podcast and I wasn’t even thinking about becoming a coach.

But, I didn’t feel like I knew enough. I thought, who am I to teach others about building a business? I even stopped doing the calls because they didn’t attract or convert potential design clients. What I didn’t realize is that I was going exactly where I needed to be.

Things Just Seem to Work Out.

Can you think of a time in your business where when you weren’t hustling hard and making things happen, and things just fell into place?

One of the questions I ask my clients the most is, what has been working for you and where did you get your last client? If they haven’t gotten a client from the marketing strategy they are working hard on, they dismiss the entire experience. They may say something like, “Oh, they just came in as a referral. They weren’t in my Facebook group.”

I get it. There have been times that I have been annoyed that I got a client, but it wasn’t because of the hours I spent on a specific marketing strategy. I see a pattern which is this, the more we try to push and force the way we think things should happen, the farther away we get from what we want.

Another example of this is my first 10k month. Of all of the hustling I did to get new clients in my design studio, it was the month that I was completely distracted try8ing to figure out how to live and work while traveling full time that I had my first 10K month. When I stopped worrying that the clients would dry up, I got even more.

You are a Powerful Manifester.

If you study the law of attraction, or you have had a religious upbringing you know that when you pray and give your worry to God, or when you trust in the Universe what you are saying is, I have a desire and I am trusting in a higher power than myself to worry about the how. My only job is to trust.

Can you think of a time when you openly voiced something you wanted? Maybe even almost as a joke and you didn’t think about it again until it came true? Maybe you were like me and just ad the thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if this was my job?

We all have the ability to Manifest which means to make real. It’s our thoughts, beliefs, and fears that separate us from what we have already manifested. It’s our hold on the way things we think things should that keep us from experiencing something better. 

Now that I have convinced you that your business is waiting for you to step up you are probably wondering how to do that.

The easiest place to start is to envision your dream business. See yourself doing work you love with amazing clients. What does your ideal day look like?

Now ask yourself what beliefs, actions, and thoughts does this version of you have? This becomes your checklist for the work you need to do to uplevel your mindset and step into the version of you that has everything they want.

This is also where your ego jumps in and says, but you don’t have the money for that lifestyle, and you don’t have the time for all that yoga, and you need to lose 10bs to go live on Instagram.

You don’t need a single thing to have the thoughts, and beliefs you need to accept the success you want. This is where you get to learn more about yourself, face your fears, heal old wounds, and in doing so have the most massive breakthrough in your life AND your biz. 

Your business is waiting for you. Are you ready to step up? This is the exact work I do with my clients. I help you close the gap between where you are and who you need to be to get everything you want. Learn more about how we can work together. 



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