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How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Success

Through my own personal growth and working with 100s of entrepreneurs, I can tell you that there are so many ways that we sabotage our own success but the root cause is always the same.

It always stems from fear. Fear that we aren’t enough, aren’t deserving of what we want, or are being judged. We even fear success as much as we fear failure because one only comes with the other.  

We are always trying to create or avoid emotion and sabotage is the way we seek to control the outcome. The actions we take or avoid taking to sabotage our success are our way of avoiding the things we are afraid of.


These are three exercises I love to use to let go of the fears that are holding you back so that you can change your mindset and start taking the actions that will get you the results you want.

Acknowledge Your Actions
To change your actions you have to change your beliefs and you can’t do this if you first don’t identify the problem. Notice where you avoid taking action. Many times this is something on your to-do list that keeps falling to the bottom. Often it’s a thought that starts with, “ I should…” Other times it is what you think you need to perfect first before you can take action. This could be getting the “right” lighting, wardrobe, website, copy, or haircut before you can promote your offer, use video, or post on social media.

Acknowledge where you are avoiding taking action and ask yourself, “what emotion am I avoiding?”


Identify Your Fears
Now that you know what emotion you are avoiding, go a little deeper and see what fear is attached to this emotion. This fear is the root of your self-sabotage. We usually establish a fear-based on our experiences. When we can identify those experiences we can often see them from a different perspective and release some of our fear. Ask yourself, “When was the first time I experienced this fear? When does this fear show up in my life now? “

Honor Your Fears & Create a New Belief  
Now that you know what your fear is how it shows up and most importantly why it shows up you can start to quickly shift your thought patterns by creating a filter. This will allow you to take action and move towards your success. A filter or a reframe is what you say to yourself when your old patterns show up. I really love this simple format – “I used to believe/feel/fear __________________________ but now I know that _________________________________.

By acknowledging the fear AND the evidence that we don’t need to be afraid we allow our brain to rewire and form new beliefs. These new beliefs help us create the success we want by changing our mindset so we raise our energy to new levels and take action. 

Facing your fears so that you can stop getting in the way of your own success in business and in life is truly powerful. This is why I love working with my clients on their mindset and teaching them new techniques based on science that will give them those huge life-changing shifts.

If what you have been doing just isn’t working for you anymore and you are ready to grow a sustainable business doing what you love let’s talk about what a coaching partnership can do for you.  Learn more about how we can work together. 



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