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How to Create the Mindset You Need to Love Sales & Make more Money!

Selling is often the scariest part of growing a business for entrepreneurs. We will do anything to avoid pitching our services because we don’t want to hear no because this feels like a failure or feel salesy. This also means not actually getting the sales you need to get the financial security you want. What I have found in working with 100s of entrepreneurs and growing two 6-figure businesses is that it’s not selling services that we are freaked out about, it’s what we believe to be true about selling. We need to reframe what we think selling really is, so we can master selling our services.

These 5 common beliefs about selling hold many entrepreneurs back from loving sales and growing their businesses.

Belief  #1 – Nobody wants to pay for the thing you are selling.

This is the most common excuse I hear from clients who are terrified to sell, because it’s easy to build up evidence that this myth is true. Looking at the economy, your social media engagement, or your own finances you can convince yourself, that your efforts to grow your business are at a standstill, because people can’t afford you.

The truth is, people always want to pay for a solution to their problem. When you confidently show up and make it clear that you have THE THING that will solve someone’s exact problem they are always happy to pay for the solution.

Believing this myth will allow you to avoid the fact that you need to be confident in what you are selling. If you don’t believe people are crazy to pass up your services how can you expect them to invest in you?

Belief  #2 – Selling is Sleazy and Gross.

Most people fear they will come across as pushy and annoying if they try to sell their services. We picture that person we have all come in contact with, who continues to bombard you about something you don’t want despite obvious cues. But, that pushy, sleazy, gross method of selling isn’t the definition of selling. Selling is sharing a solution to a problem that someone truly needs and wants.

I believe, selling is helping. The process of selling, is telling people how you can solve their problem and inviting them to let you help them. If you know that you can help people with your services or products, it would be crazy to keep it a secret. The exchange of money is just a small part of that, and people are happy to make that energetic exchange, for a great solution.

Belief #3 – People don’t want to be sold to.

We have all had an experience with someone trying to sell us something that felt insincere. Maybe you posted a question in a Facebook group and instead of thoughtful answers, received cold pitches. Maybe you were put on someone’s email list without your permission. Because of this, we believe that people don’t want to be sold to. It’s true that people don’t want to feel like they are just a number and feel pushed to buy something that they don’t want. It’s also true that we want to be given information(marketing and selling) when we are looking for a solution to our problem.

We want to feel seen, heard, and understood so that we know this person understands our problem and what we need. We want to be walked through the decision-making process, so that we have all of our questions answered so we feel confident making a purchase. The truth is, we always want to be sold to.

Belief  #4 – Selling is cold pitching

Opt-ins, email funnels, tripwires, redirects, but wait there’s more! Mastering sales is about building relationships and you get to decide what that looks like in your business. Think about your ideal customer and how you can create multiple touch points with them to develop a relationship where you can build know, like, trust. This could look like posting on social media and having conversations in the DMs with potential clients about what they are struggling with and offering them valuable advice with a link to your free content. Then, ask if they would like a free call to discuss their issue further and tell them how you work with people who have that exact problem. The truth is, making sales doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s just about building relationships.

Belief #5 – ‘No’ means YOU suck

When it comes to sales, entrepreneurs are terrified of the word no. As my good friend and sales master Jackie says, “It’s just a no. It’s not like they’re going to kick your ass or something!”  We make those two letters mean so much about who we are, what our future holds, and our self-worth. The truth is ‘no’ means, not right now. It means I am not sure that I am ready to be accountable for the actions I will need to take if I make this purchase. It means I am still not sure if this is the right thing for me. As a person who is serving others, it’s your job to find out what you can do to help your potential clients make the best decision for them. It’s also your job to continue to follow up so you are there for them when they are ready. That is what will make you stand out from others in your field and get more sales in a way that feels good.  Ask questions and keep giving them value, because not right now, often turns into your next great client.

Try these exercises to create the mindset you need to master sales and make more money in your business.

First, write down all of your fears that come up when you think about selling your offer if someone says yes, and if someone says no. You may find you feel like you can’t deliver results. Let it all out, it’s like ugly crying on paper! 

Then, make a brag list. This is where you write down all of the ways you are qualified to solve their problem. This can include listing all of your education, experiences, results you have gotten other people (even if they weren’t paying clients), and any positive feedback about your work.

Next, try the five whys method. Start by writing out what you do. For example, I am a web designer for coaches. Ask yourself why this is important. You may come up with an answer like because people need a website to get new clients. Dig deeper by asking yourself again, why is this important until you reach a reason that actually feels important? Maybe your answer is that I work with women who want to support their families and have time with their kids. Now you can change what you do to be, I create websites that attract clients and make sales so you can make money without spending all of your time online. 

Finally, you have to practice. The only way to truly master selling your services is to practice. Get on as many calls as you can until it feels easy. Take notes after each call about what you could have done differently. Soon you will go dropping the phone like a grenade after you invite them to work with you, to easily signing dream clients.

If you find that you have bought into one of these beliefs about sales, you are not alone. Selling is one of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship to learn, and it can be especially challenging for women. It’s also a hurdle you can conquer to build the business that you want. 

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