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How to Create a Go-To Strategy that Gets You Consistent Clients

Making 10k months is a buzzphrase online for a reason. It’s a number that ensures a 6-figure year, and for most people that surpasses the salary they were making before they started their business. Whether your goal is to make 5k, 10k, or 20k a month, knowing how to get clients consistently is the key to feeling in control of your finances. 

Most entrepreneurs spend months, or even years, trying to figure out how to get clients consistently. This usually looks like endless Google searches, buying courses, and trying out everything that seems to work for others in your industry with little success.

Here’s the reason why your current strategies aren’t working. 

Your messaging has to be clear. Your potential clients need to know the exact problem you solve with such clarity that they have Googled an answer for it. For example, sales pages for coaches instead of heart-centered copywriters for entrepreneurs. People want to hire an expert who understands their challenges. Be clear about what you do, and why you are the best person to help them solve their problem, and invite them to work with you. 

Every strategy isn’t right for you. Choosing the right strategy means looking at how you like to build relationships and your capacity. I love using Human Design here to see what kind of strategies match my client’s energy. For example, as a projector, I know that sharing my experiences and creating opportunities for invitations versus cold DMs works for me. Start with what feels natural to you when it comes to meeting people and telling them about your business. Maybe you love in-person networking, Facebook groups, or Instagram. Then, look at the way you want to share about your business. Do you love long-form content, video, or calls? Next, look at how this all fits together. How does someone hear about you, then connect with you, and finally buy from you? This is your customer journey. Your strategy is how you connect the dots to move people through their journey (your sales funnel). 

You haven’t measured your results. It’s really hard to stick with a strategy if we don’t get any positive feedback, especially if you are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. You won’t know how to judge if a strategy is working, or refine it, if you don’t set clear expectations and look at your data, instead of judging how you feel about it. I have had many clients think their launch was a failure or their strategy was working only to find it actually did well when they look at the real numbers. 

Knowing how to get consistent clients puts you in control of your business. You get to choose how much money you want to make and how fast you want to grow. Most people try every strategy at once because they believe that casting a big net will allow you to get the most clients. Mathematically this makes so much sense, but in business, it just doesn’t work.  You have to know what kind of fish you want and cast the right net, in the correct part of the ocean, at the ideal part of the day. You want a strategy that goes deep instead of wide. This means mastering one strategy that you know will always get you clients and then stacking on another go-to strategy.

I call this process your Signature Marketing System™. With all of my 6-month coaching intensive clients, we work together to create their fail-proof strategy for getting consistent clients. When we have one strategy that we know will always get them clients we then stack on another strategy. This allows you to be in control of your business and create the financial freedom you deserve!

Here’s how to get started by finding your go-to strategy for getting clients on repeat!

Be the observer in your business. Gather all of the data in your business to determine what is working, kind of working, or not working. Working means you have attracted at least one client or hot lead. Kind of working means you either enjoyed these marketing actions and showed up consistently but it didn’t convert a client, or it converted clients but you don’t like the strategy. Not working means you put too much effort into it with no results. Many of my clients feel so discouraged about their business when they hire me that they think nothing is working, and maybe you feel the same way. I have been there too! Remember that if you have gotten just one client, or an inquiry about working with you then something is working!

Choose the right strategy for you. When you pick a strategy that you enjoy and it plays to your strengths you will show up consistently and naturally attract new clients. Consistency is the number one reason that most strategies don’t work. Just like working out once a week won’t give you killer abs, without showing up consistently your strategy won’t produce results. Every person has an energy that attracts or repels. If you are in a bad mood people instinctively get out of your way. If you feel like people are crazy not to let you help them solve their problem because you feel so confident in your offer, you attract potential clients with your confident energy. When you pick a strategy that supports your strengths it will be easy for you to implement and it has a magnetic energy that attracts clients. 

Work it until it works. Any marketing strategy will work if you work it. This means testing your one strategy by consistently putting it into action, even when you don’t get any positive feedback that it’s working, looking at your data, and making tweaks. Then, repeating the cycle until you have a strategy that works for you every time. This stage is the hardest part because it’s uncomfortable to wait for results. This is where all of our self-doubt and limiting beliefs like to show up and throw us off course by convincing us to stop what we are doing and try another strategy. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs don’t have a repeatable strategy. Working it until it works feels hard, but this is where you start seeing the results you want!

If you are ready to finally be in control of your finances with your own Signature Marketing strategy I would love to help. I have built two 6-figure businesses and worked with 100s of entrepreneurs. I know I can help you too! Learn more about my coaching partnership and grab your free clarity call to see if coaching is the best next step for you. 

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