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Are Your Feelings Leading to Bad Decisions in Your Business?

As entrepreneurs, we have a lot of feelings bubble up as a result of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, facing our fears, and being vulnerable.

We feel good when calls are going well and clients are giving us good feedback. We often feel unworthy, and question our skill or even our likeability when we aren’t getting feedback and finances are tight.

When our business isn’t growing the way we would like it to every action we take to grow our business seems to hold the weight of the world. This is when it’s most important to know the difference between feeling and truth.

Your feelings are what feels true to you. This is often how we diagnose our business as being successful – it feels good. Or unsuccessful – it feels bad. The way you feel about your marketing strategy, latest launch, or social media impact is true for you, but your feelings won’t help you change the results that are making you feel the way you do.

Acknowledge your feeling because they are important, but then go on a truth-finding mission in your business! Deconstruct your sales funnel, look at your client journey, talk to current clients, dig into people’s objections, and track your analytics. This is all data that you can gather so you can tweak and refine your strategy. This process is the only way that you can create a Signature Marketing System to know exactly how to get clients in your business and do it in a way that feels really good.

As humans, none of us want to feel bad, sad, or disappointed. But instead of searching out a new strategy, offer, or platform in the hopes that things will feel different. Take those uncomfortable feelings as an invitation to dig a little deeper and find the truth behind what is working and not working in your business. I promise you will be surprised and actually FEEL so much better.

Follow along with season 5 of The Magnetic Entrepreneur Podcast as I work with one Coachee to create her Signature Marketing System. You will hear my exact process that you can apply to your business so that you can grow with ease.  


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